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Manual Applications
MT 320 New Generation Battery Strapping Tool sets the industry standard

The NEW generation of battery-powered handheld devices suitable for PP and PET strap MT320 sets the NEW industry standard.
Equipped with the latest generation Lithium batteries with no ‘memory effect’ and a brushless motor ensuring the highest cycle speed and tension in the market.
The MT 320 is perfectly balanced, safe and easy to operate due to its unique opening system, is an effective and efficient tool for a wide range of applications. Optimized application control through different modes through a simple to use control panel with "Automatic", "semi-automatic", "Manual" and "soft“  options.
The many new features and innovations of the MT320 class this NEW strapping hand tool to the top devices in the world:

  • Effective and safe cargo securing with a tension capacity of up to 3,200 N  
  • Fastest to operate – with up to 16 m / min speed  
  • Strapping performed by pushing a single button - In automatic or semi-automatic mode  
  • Adjustable functioning mode - According to the application: Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual and Soft  
  • Easy to use and simple to adjust - Perfectly balanced it can perform both vertical and horizontal strapping  
  • Brushless Motor - Powered by the latest generation Lithium batteries

Technical Data

StrapPP / PET
Strap Width10 - 16 mm (3/8 - 5/8")
Strap Thickness0.5 - 1.1 mm
Seal Efficiency75 - 85%
Tension RangeMax. 3300 N - Soft 600 N
Tension Speed16 m/min
Weight3.75 kg
Battery TypeMaillis 14,4 V 3,3 Ah Li-Ion2
Cycles per Charge200-400
ChargerAP I 2830 MV
Charging Time15-30 min

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