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Automatic Applications
S 30/52/80

S 30/52/80 automatic side-sealing machine

The continuous side-sealer machines models S 30, S 52, S 80 are the latest development in our programme of automatic sealing machines.
Briding the gap between L-sealer and flow-pack technologies, the continuous side-sealer machines are a step ahead in packing. Key function of these packaging machines, is related to the automatic L-sealer, but they have a higher capacity, and they can handle products of virtually any length.

  • All moving parts placed behind inspection doors with safety interlocks (CE conform) CENTRE SEAL
  • Film seal and trim group motorized height adjustment to seal the film in a perfect level relative to product height
  • All machine controls located on one central panel
  • Digital Touch-Screen control panel with easy to understand function symbols
  • Product height adjustment of in-feed section , to suit product width
  • All motors' speed adjustable by Inverter (in-feed, out-feed, film/feed rewind, side-seal unit)
  • 4 photocells for product registration (2 horizontal + 2 vertical) for auto product length adjust.
  • Fully automatic operation, functions' selector for single pack or multi-pack programs
  • Constant heat transverse sealing jaw with PTFE coated stainless steel sealing blade
  • Motorized film feed with separate pin wheel perforators
  • Automatic scrap wind-up system with two-step alarm and m/c stop when full

  • Technical Specifications

    ModelS 30S 52S 80
    Machine dimension2100 x 1000 x 1500H mm2100 x 1000 x 1500H mm2600 x 1800 x 1500H mm
    Max .Product size  x 250 x 150 mmx 400 x 150 mmx 750 x 150 mm
    Min. length/width product 70 mm / 10 mm70 mm / 30 mm70 mm / 35 mm
    Max. Width film reel350 mm650 mm1050 mm

    5 Kw (cable 5 x 2,5 mm)

    Compressed Air

    6 / 8 bar

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