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L36/150 TCE

L36/150 TCE 3 color flexographic printer

The L36 TCE is a flexographic printing press able to print up to 3 colors on most self-adhesive tapes. The machine is provided with 2 special stations for applying a primer before printing and a release coat after printing, as well as with a Corona treatment. These features allow the printing of various types of OPP: acrilic, solvent and Hot Melt base. In addition, the machine can print PVC tape, Cellophane, reinforced tape and paper. From a log roll 150 mm wide, it is possible to obtain 3 printed rolls 50 mm wide up to 300 mm in diameter. The unwinding and rewinding tensions are controlled individually. Automatic breakdown of the Corona treatment when the machine is stopped. Safety cover prepared for solvent exhaust.

Technical Specifications

Max. web width

150 mm (6")

Max. O.D. log roll

400 mm (15")

Max. O.D. rewound roll

300 mm (12")

Max. printing width

150 mm (6")

Min. printing repeat length

150,8 mm (6") (Z=48)

Max. printing repeat length

502,6 mm (20") (Z=160)

Max. printing colors


Adjustable speed

0.200 m/min.

Power supply

380V 50Hz 3 phase

Main motor

induction, 2,2 Kw

Driving by single-phase inverter .- Electronic meter counter to stop the machine at the preset rewound length . -Roller with felt to clean the tape surface . -Pulling roller after unwind mandrel and central impression drum . -Friction controlled drive rollers before primer/release coat stations and at slitting device . -Ozone suctiongroup at Corona treatment . -Drying tunnels with independent motors . -Corona treatment with 40 DIn max. capacity

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