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Impresoras de precinto
L 233 PPL

The L233/PPL has been developed for printing self adhesive tape: PVC, OPP Pre-treated and Acrylic if the machine is equipped with Corona Treatment unit. The 300 mm. width makes this model the most suitable forlong rolls printing (especially packaging machine rolls), because the machine can always be managed from one operator at the maximum speed and productivity (50mmx990m N.140 rolls). The flexibility of the machine allows obviously to print hand rolls with a different productivity (50mmx66m N.2000 rolls)

Technical Specifications

Printing stations

Nr .2

Minimun printing repeat


Maximum printing repeat


Maximum printing width

300 mm

Maximum material width

310 mm

Maximum unwind roll O.D

420 mm

Maximum rewind roll O.D.

310 mm

Thermoregulated drying tunnel
Release coats stations
Reisor blade slitting device
Acl 7/300 Printin plate mounting


Electrical requirement 220-380-415-440 triphase +N
Total power supply


Main motor size

5 KW

Output per hour: 50mm x 66 mt

350 pz.

Mechanical clutch on each rewind mandrel to control the rewind tension. Linear and lateral registration of printing stations while press is running Pisettable rewind roll legth counter.

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