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Impresoras de precinto
L 220 TC/V

L220 TC is a fully automatic flexographic printing machine able to print PVC/PP/OPP self adhesive tapes. Its main features are the following: automatic change of the log roll, diameter survey,Corona Treatment (optional), nr. 2 printing stations with adjustable speed from 0 to 200m/min., thermoregulated central drums,drying tunnel by hot/cold air, application of the paper tab at the end of the roll, longitudinal cut with razor blade, automatic cut and ejection of the printed rolls, guide for the automatic charging of cores, pump for colours feeding (optional), photoelectric cell for machine stop in case of film breaking, sound-proof cover for noise containment: 82 dB max.

Technical Specifications

Output per hour: (50x66 m)

250 rolls

Printing stations

Nr. 2

Min. print repeat length

150 mm

Max. print repeat width

502 mm

Max. printing width

100 mm

Max. tape width

100 mm

Max. diameter of log roll

320 mm

Max. diameter of rewinding

150 mm

Power supply

400V 3F+N

Main motor

1,5 kW

Total input

9000 W

Operating pressure

Max. 6 Bar


Low film/ no film device

-Outside electrical board connected to the machine by a multiple connector.
-Machine frame in aluminium casting

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