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Automatic Applications
GS 41 Strapping Head

GS 41 Strapping Head

  • Compact dimensions
  • Low-maintenance VIBRO welding unit
  • Separate drive sections for fast strap transport and powerful tensioning
  • Safe strap guide including high strap feed force
  • Additional electronic strap circulation control
  • Operation monitoring by means of a central controlled camshaft
  • Easy adjustment of strap tension
  • Accurate tension alignment of the strap
  • High strap tension level with temporal unlimited remaining active tension force.
  • Powerful motors
  • Automatic adjustment of strap thickness and strap feeding unit
  • Welding time adjustment
  • Three versions of the strapping head

    Head variation

    feed speed

    take up speed

    tensioning speed

    strap tension

    GS-41 S

    up to 5 m/s

    up to 5 m/s

    approx. 0,14 m/s

    50 - 4000 N*

    GS-41 N

    up to 4 m/s

    up to 4 m/s

    approx. 0,11 m/s

    50 - 4000 N*

    GS-41 HT

    up to 3 m/s

    up to 3 m/s

    approx. 0,04 m/s

    100 - 5000 N*

    *depending on type of strap used and packing unit

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions (L x W x H) 519 x 280 x 480 mm
    Weight71 kg
    Electrical supply400 v / 3ph / 50 Hz
    Control voltage24 V / DC
    Power input1 kW
    Type of weldingVibro welding
    Welding timeapprox. 0.5 up to 1.8 sec *
    Tension timeapprox. 0.5 sec to max. unlimited adjustment *
    Type of Strap(PP) polypropylene and (PET) polyester suitable for machines
    Strap width10, 12 and 16
    Strap thickness0.5 to 1,0 mm (optional up to 1.25 mm)
    Optional: Zipp-SealingOutside located strap end to fling open the seal.
    Inside located length adjustable strap end for fling open the seal or for manual secondary tensioning (special application).
    *depending on type of strap used and required maximum tension

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