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Aplicaciones Automáticas

The automatic case erectors F144/145/146 draw, erect and seal with adhesive tape the bottom flap of cardboard boxes, ready then to be filled, with a variable output between 500 and 800 boxes/hour according to the dimensions. The machine adjustments are simple and fast. They have been designed for easy use also by unskilled people. They do meet the CE regulations on safety.

  • Metal grill guards only for mod. F144/4 - F144 - F145
  • Control board with indicators of operation anomalies.
  • Rotating air cylinders, individually controlled, for an optimal box squaring
  • Suction cup carriage adjustable in height/width

Technical Specifications

Box dimensions usable on case erectorsF144/4 min  150(L) x110 (W) x 100(H)
max 400(L) x350 (W) x 400(H)
 F144 min 200(L) x150 (W) x 120(H)
max 450(L) x350 (W) x 450(H)
 F145 min 220(L) x150 (W) x 220(H)
max 560(L) x350 (W) x 450(H)
 F146 min 300(L) x200 (W) x 200(H)
max 620(L) x400 (W) x 400(H)
Output 8 x12 boxes per minute
Standard box storage capacity 80-150 boxes according to thickness
Extended box storage capacity 160-300 boxes according to thickness

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