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Aplicaciones semiautomáticas
F-104-P - P/I

The F104-P case former folds the bottom flaps of carton boxes introduced into the machine by the operator. The box is then kept in position for filling. A pneumatic device pushes the box on a conveyor or into a case sealer for the final sealing.
The F104-P/I case former folds the bottom flaps of carton boxes and, thanks to the working plane that can be raked by a pneumatic device, it makes easier the box filling. Through the same device, the box is then put straight for the ejection by the pneumatic pusher.

Technical Specifications

Box dimensions usable min 200 (L) x 150 (W) x120 (H)
max 600 (L) x 500 (W) x 500 (H)
Output F104-P     600 boxes per hour
F104-P/I   400 boxes per hour
Compressed air consumptionF104-P      9 lt/cycle
F104-P/I   11 lt/cycle

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