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Automatic Applications
Vario Master 9410/9420

Vario Master 9410/9420

M.J. Maillis, as system provider, sets value on excellent operational reliability and easy maintenance for its machines.The well thought-out concept for the vario master 9410/9420 underlines this goal. The high-performance automatic machine to strap packages can be integrated in driven and non-driven conveyance elements. Compact design with side mounted strapping head, automatic strap insert, precise strap guidance and positioning, all designed for easy operation.

  • Sturdy construction
  • High operating reliability
  • Easy operating
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Friction welding for PET and PP strap without disturbing odours
  • Stepless strap tension regulation (max. 5.000 N, HT version)
  • Sealing height in line with existing conveying equipment
  • Simple installation/commissioning by clamping dowels and adjusting screws, optionally movable on castors
  • Strap dispenser suitable for 405 mm core diameter including pulley block and storage for strap return

Technical Specifications

Strap typePET, PP
Strap width10, 12 and 16mm
Strap thickness0.57-1.0 mm
Sealing HeadGS-41
Conveyor height>80mm
Sealing height from top of conveyor>200mm
Strapping Archaluminium profile
Control cabinetVDE 0113 and according: and EN 60 105
ActivationFoot switch or via potential-free contact
Power Supply400 Volt/1.5 kW
ControlSiemens S7/200 PLC
Operating terminalSiemens OP3

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