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Automatic Applications
Power Master 10481

Power Master 10481

The Power master 10481 is a high performance strapping press of the most recent generation, manufactured in our plant in Wuppertal. With an infinitely adjustable compression automatic height seeking of incoming loads for faster troughput and numerous variations of pallet and load handling equipment for feed, center and turn the Sander power master can be integrated very easy in automatic packing lines. As a special feature the electric motor driven compression platen includes a permanent accurate compression sensing which is a requirement in the corrugated and paper industry. This ensures an intermittent further compression cycle. Both PET or PP strapping material can be used with the machine. The Sander GS-41 strapping head guarantees a solid vibration seal joint without any emissions of vapors.

The controlled strap guide in the strapping head as well as in the strapping arch ensures a high reliability due to the pressure being on strap during feeding and take-up. Each strapping head in the Sander power master machines is with pivot mounting for easy access for service and maintenance. The automatic strap insert and the strap dispenser with strap accumulation system ensure reliable operation, take-up of remaining strap by accumulation system. As an option there are four automatic corrugated top sheet applicators available to protect the load against cut by strap. The quick exchange sheet dispenser system enables a recharge outside of the machine to shorten downtime.
  • Sturdy construction
  • High operating reliability
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Friction welding for PET and PP strap without disturbing odours
  • Stepless strap tension regulation (max. 4000 N), optional 5000 N for high tension application
  • Optional with automatic corrugated top sheet applicators
  • Roller conveyor height 300 mm, in line with existing conveying equipment
  • Quick installation on site

  • Technical Specifications

    Troughput speedup to 126 pallets with 2 + 0 strapping pattern
    Power rating400 V 50 Hz, 3 Ph
    Control voltage24 V DC
    ControlSiemens S 7 300 PLC and OP 17 operator panel
    Portal width1.800 mm, 2.200 mm or 2.600 mm
    Portal height1.800 - 2.900 mm, any other on request
    Compression3,6 or 80 kN
    Strap typePP and PET
    Strap width10, 12 or 16 mm
    Strap thickness0,57 - 1,0 mm
    Strapping headGS-41 N
    Kind of sealfriction weld
    Strap tension levelmax. 4000 N
    optional 5000 N with GS-41 HT version

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