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Automatic Applications
Mancon RA 12/10

Mancon RA 12/10

The Mancon RA 12/10 is a rigid construction Rotating Arm Stretchwrapper for medium speed in continuous end of line production environments. The machine will easily and effectively wrap pallets with palletised goods on them (usually presented inside the machine by conveyors-conveyor included) for transportation. The machine is fitted with a Power Pre-Stretch Film Carriage for cost-effective pallet wrapping and film savings along with increased pallet stability. The machine can automatically apply a mid cycle top sheet for dust or water protection.

Advance controls on the machine enable simple and reliable stretch wrapping sequences and fault finding. The pallet is coneyed into the wrapping area and stopped automatically. The Rotating Arm connected to the 'tilted downwards' (for wrapping lower onto the pallet) Film Carriage circles, and moves up and down applying film to the pallet. At end of cycle the film is pneumatically gripped, cut by a hot wire then brushed onto the pallet. The machine comes with light guards and perimeter fencing as standard. RA 10/12 is CE marked for safety and performance. Full service and spares support.

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions2808mm (L) X 3650mm (W) X 3620mm (H)
Weight2450 kg
Film roll dimensions500mm (W) X 300mm(Ø) X 50/75mm (Ø) Core
Top sheet roll width1500mm
Top of roller conveyor height350/400mm
Pallet sizes1200mm (L) X 1000mm (W) X 2100mm (H) X 2000kg
Throughput60 pallet/hour - average 45 pallet/hour
Film tension/lay on force Power pre-stretch 150%-280%
Power supply3Ph 415v+N+E 50 Hz - consuption 7kw
ProgramSiat PLC and operator Interface
FeaturesLow film/ no film device
Photocell for pallet recognition

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